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Walk-through of examining existing XAML Code Snippets, the process of writing a new one and getting it loaded, and providing a "Grid" snippet.

I had a need to save the Telerik PersistenceFramework data to the database rather than ISO. There's a few moving parts and not a lot of web-assistance. The code isn't difficult, just a tad difficult to find a good reference so I did my own.

Introductory tutorial on building your very first Silverlight Application.

Fighting a problem I've had for quite a while with my home workstation, I crippled the Silverlight logo and only allow it to rotate twice per page refresh, and the problem seems to have cleared up. Read on to see what I'm talking about.

I removed the clutter from the right-hand sidebar of my MasterPage by using Metabuilders ExpandingButtons control.

I usually give kudos to a company or individual by saying if I'm going to say something bad when something bad happens, I should say something good when something good happens. Unfortunately, this is of the first variety... a bad experience with a cheap-o fan on a 3G video card in a $1K workstation.

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